Debbie is making salon seat covers from HD tarps - 3 of 5

Middle of September 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

This turned out to be quite a big undertaking!  Fortunately, we have the time and space for working with such large pieces.

This piece is one of the corner tops.  
The fabric is pulled and stapled in back onto marine plywood.  
Tricky how to make the cover for this one - not using elastic!

These markings on the back are from the factory - 
"F" for Freeport, 36 for length of boat and #29 is our hull number.  
Still there after thirty-seven years!!

Figuring out how to do the corners.

Not sure how these will fold down when stapling?!?

Tried to see if the fabric would flow along the L-shape.  
As you can see, it doesn't flow well.

So, Debbie decided to do it in two pieces 
and sew them together where they "join".

This is measuring three times before cutting!  
Have to remember the seam allowance!

So far, so good!

This is for the other half.

And, wa-la!  They are joined and look good!?!

Yes, it was tricky to figure out yet 
once Debbie did, the fit was good all the way!

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