Dinghy tie up and davit block clips

Beginning of August 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

Here you see how the "U" bracket will be welded to this old post. 

This will give us the ability to clip on (we have a SS clip on the end of the dinghy painter) when we pull up to s\v Elegant'sea in the dinghy. A handy place for a quick tie up and raise the dinghy once on board.

The post is removed and we will make a backing plate for it. There was none.

Reaching way... up under in the lazerett to remove the post.

This had a anchor bracket on it for the stern anchor. It does not work when the dinghy is up as it rubs and is in the way so we moved it. 

We will install a backing plate here.

One on each side will give us place to clip the davit hoist lines and blocks.

 These SS braces need to be sized correctly in length for the screws go in. They are a bit too long.

Cutting off about a quarter inch so this one will fit. They both will then go to the weld shop for permanently attaching the end caps.

Sized right now we are measuring for the "U" brackets for davit block attachment when the dingy is gone. You can see the blue tape on the bracket. The brackets will get welded on. I need to cut them first.

Same here.

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