Blue Seas m-Series Mini Dual Circuit Plus™ Battery Switch

Beginning of August 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

 Blue Seas Marine m-Series Mini Dual Circuit Plus™ Battery Switch - Red 6011 
"Simultaneously switches two isolated battery banks or combines battery banks to all loads

  • Make-before-break contact design allows switching between battery banks without power interruption"

  • We connected our 4/0 AWG cable from the house battery 
    bank Blue Seas Marine 600 amp bus to the 3\8 stud on this switch. 

    Next we will get a short 4/0 cable to go to the Lifeline AGM starter battery and the one going to the starter battery to the switch. This will happen on next summers' budget.  We had this switch and cable-to-house bank but we finally got it installed when we added the Blue Seas 600 amp positive buss. This will allow us to simply switch to the house bank if the starting battery fails. This would be a temporary fix to start the engine in case of a starting battery failure. Now we have a set of jumper cable which would be a pain but would work but may be hard in a seaway. So far so good with our batteries.

     The packaging you see by the battery is toilet sealing rings for a house toilet. They are in case of a stuffing box failure, or in our case a PSS shaft seal failure. Supposedly they work great to seal the leaks around the shaft. This whole battery and shelf for it comes out fast for easier access to the shaft and PSS shaft seal in an emergency. Hopefully we will never need the sealing rings :)

     We also have other seal emergency stuff but this stuff is another option.

    OK it is a little crooked but we will fix that on final install.

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