Heading South, really!

End of November 2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

 OK we did not leave yesterday, we were just too tired. So we stayed in Paradise one more day and rested up. We will be leaving in a few hours.
 I cleaned the bottom and it was worse than I had expected and Debbie wore herself out also on a bunch of other preparations. We never got the boat washed or other cosmetic things up to bristol. Lots of people have boat workers come and wash the boat and wax it and put varnish on the teak, clean the bottom etc before leaving. We need to do this all ourselves so our 36' Islander Freeport "B plan", Elegant'sea, is not "Yacht Club" ready but the important things are - us and the systems:)

We have our dinghy, kayak and paddle board deflated and secured on the bow.
All our hatches will open and the inflatables are "out of the way" so to speak. 

From "house boat" to "sail boat"!!

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